Let’s Pollinate!

Spring is just around the corner…we hope! Bees seem to be a very common preschool theme around spring, and with good reason! They live all over the world, they’re cute and fuzzy and without them our world would cease to exist as we know it.

Pollination can be a complicated topic if you get into all the science stuff, but for little ones they just need to know one basic concept…. bees move pollen from one place to another, and that is how plants continue to grow!

For this activity, I set up 2 bins each with half of our ‘build a garden set’. This set is perfect for this activity because the flowers hold the pom poms well. I added some paper grass so it looked like a garden! In one of the bins, on top of the flowers I placed little white pom poms, our “pollen”. The goal is to be the bee by moving the pollen from one garden to another!

We talked about how the pollen sticks to the bees while they are collecting nectar. Once the bees move onto another flower, that pollen goes with them and some of it falls onto the new flower. As the bees move from flowers to flowers and plants to plants, that pollen continues along the journey.

They used their tongs and fingers to move the pollen around the flowers, just like little bees!

This is fun and engaging activity to introduce the basics of pollination. Try it with your little ones, and be sure to tag us on Instagram #inspiredtots or @inspiredtots (you may just win a prize pack by doing so!)

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