Read it & Make it: Penguins Love Colors

Book: Penguins Love Colors by Sarah Aspinall

isbn: 0545876540

Published: 2016

Penguins Love Colours is about six little penguins, all named after flowers. They live in a place where there is too much snow and not enough colour. They decide to fix that, and paint their mama penguin a colourful snow picture, and paint themselves in the process!

We read the book as a group, pausing to talk about the colours we saw and the kids favourite colours. The kids got excited when the penguins were all painted up!

To set up the activity I placed 2 bins of snow in our Flisat table, as well as a cup of paint in each colour, with a paintbrush. I added 6 penguins also (just like in the book).

After we read the book, we headed over to the table and dug right in! The little ones were so excited to be painting on this new surface. It’s a great change from the typical paper. Here’s a look at their playtime:

After a while, they were interested in digging in the snow but were having difficulty doing so with the paintbrushes. I added in a few spoons and they turned over the snow to find a fresh, white painting surface.

The kids could be heard exclaiming “My favourite colour is red!” and “my penguin needs a bath too!” (in the book, the penguins need a bath). These activities are so helpful in reinforcing what we read earlier.

Here’s a look at the aftermath of this fun activity:

Looks like they enjoyed this quite a bit!

If you have any book recommendations for our Read it & Make it, please let us know in the comments!

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