Colour Sorting with a Valentines Printable

While Valentine’s Day is known for its pinks, reds and purples there is no reason why we can’t incorporate a little rainbow! Candy hearts are arguably the most popular valentines candy (heart shaped boxes of chocolate aside!) and they come in a variety of colours.

For this activity that’s exactly what we’re using! So head on down to your local grocer or discount store and grab a bag of the candy hearts, print this activity and let your little one start sorting.

We used oats as a base to hide the candies in, but you could use rice, shredded paper or any sensory bin filler you like. The kids can pick out the candies and placed them on the paper in the proper column. At the end, have them count up each column and help them write the total at the bottom. Ask some questions to get the conversation flowing, such as:

  • Which column has the most candies? The least?
  • Which colour is your favourite?
  • What are your favourite type of sweets?

This printable is available for a limited time for FREE! Click below to download. (Free printable promotion ends February 14, 2020)


Be sure to tag us #inspiredtots to share photos of your little ones enjoying this activity!

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