Read it & Make it: Scribble

Book: Scribble by Ruth Ohi

isbn #: 9781443146654

Published: 2016

Scribble is an adorable book about a little scribble that doesn’t fit in with his geometric and symmetrical peers (shapes). Through the course of the book the shapes come to realize that the scribble is not only a lot of fun, but useful in their play time as well! This is a great read for little ones that may feel they are different or are learning shapes and colours.

After reading the book as a group, I set out shapes in the same size and colours as in the book, with the same little faces on them. As well as purple crayons (the colour of the scribble).

The little ones set out to create their own page from the book. They glued down the shapes and created their own scribble friend. This was a great way to reinforce the concepts from the book as well as talk about the colours and shapes we saw.

If you have any book recommendations for our Read it & Make it, please let us know in the comments!

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