Giant Peg Board Sewing

This activity was so well received that I kept it available for the whole week, and have brought it back a few times already!

Supplies needed:

  • Peg board. I used a fairly large sheet from Home Depot.
  • Yarn. We went with neon rainbow yarn because…. why not!
  • Plastic sewing needles for kids. I got an 18 pack for just a few dollars at Michaels.

Start by threading the yarn through the needle and taping it to itself. This way you won’t be constantly re-threading the needle when the kids pull the yarn out.

Cut a fairly long length of yarn from the ball. You want it long enough that it will last more than a few stitches, but not so long that the kids struggle with it. Thread the yarn through one of the corner holes and back through another, and tie it off so that the yarn is tied to the peg board.

Now the kids are ready to take over and start sewing! I loved watching as the little ones took turns pushing the needle through the hole and out the other side. They would each stand on one side of the board and one would push the needle through while the other pulled from the other side.

giant sewing on a peg board

At the end they had a colourful piece that they went back to often throughout the week!

teaching life skills on a large scale

If you’re inspired to try this with your own little ones, we would love to see how it turned out! Use #inspiredtots on Instagram or share with us on Facebook (@inspiredtots).

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